Why can’t we make schools as safe as Salad Dressing?

Today I was opening a bottle of salad dressing and it made me think about how the US has reacted to certain events that have taken place and the solutions to the challenges.

In order to open the “tamperproof” bottle, I had to remove the sealed plastic film that covered the cap to prevent me from opening the bottle. Then I had to screw open the cap and then remove a hermetically sealed protective cover in order to get the dressing out of the bottle.

And here is my thought, the reason for this security on the foods and medicines that manufacturers take today stems from Chicago’s 1982 Tylenol murders which were a series of poisoning deaths resulting from drug tampering.

Which leads me to this thought. If the government working with industry can prevent bad guys poisoning our food supply, why can’t they stop gun violence? #Parkland

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