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Update on the updated

“You can’t hurry love you just have to wait” Holland-Dozier. It seems so simple and yet so complex. I can hardly wait to introduce you to this amazingly beautiful and simple to navigate web site.

The first version of was released to the public in 1998 under the moniker, then in few weeks I was forced into creating and since then there have been numerous updates and modifications. All designed to enhance the usability and the functionality for the end users. I remember having the site up and running from concept to reality in 2 days. Those were the days. I started the design and implementation of this version in November 2010 in hopes of introducing it at NAMM in Anaheim. Will I make it in time for Infocom?

This version of not only improves the usability and the functionality, it also improves the overall aesthetics of the site. This version removes all the clutter and replaces it with a clean fresh design that provides super fast and intuitive handling for our members.

With the introduction of the Platinum Membership Buying Club, not only will you be able to navigate the site with a few simple clicks of the mouse, but you will find unbelievable savings and for the first time you will be able to link directly to the selling member without having to go through The SoundBroker staff.

I know we are almost there, maybe even be able to make the change over before the weekend.

My 60th Birthday Party at Stirling

Turning 60 has it’s advantages & disadvantages. The advantage is that you get a senior discount at the movies and in Brazil you can go to the front of any line at the bank or grocery store. I don’t have the guts to pull that off at the grocery store, but I did at the bank & the movies. The disadvantages to quote Will Rogers, “You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks.”

I partied in 5 different cities, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Here are some of the photos.

NV Las Vegas Sun Reports: $3 Taxi Fare Increase

Taxis want to cement $3 credit card fee for fares

My comments:
Anyone that gets in a taxi has the option of paying with cash. That is true. However today, most people don’t carry that much cash, thanks to multiple factors, one being the ease and security that a credit or debit card provides.

Having said that, Charging $3 to use a credit card is an outrageous ripoff. $3.00 on a $10 dollar fair is 30%. What other industry adds a 30% charge to their price? I can understand adding in the extra cost of the % that the credit card companies charge in to the price on the meter so that it works out, so the taxi doesn’t lose money, but at most that would only add 3 cents max (The fare would have to be $300 for the charge to be $3.)

Can you imagine going into a Starbucks and buying a coffee for $5.00 and the cashier tells you that will be $8.00?

The problem here is that when one gets in a cab, they need a cab. I know that money is tight, but how can anyone justify such a blatant surcharge? (I thought I read somewhere that Las Vegas taxi fares are the highest in the US already.)

Just another example of how dysfunctional and out of touch with its people our government has become. V6 Coming Soon

I was just informed by my designers that the newly redesigned is ready for Alpha Testing.

It will be an intense labor of love for me to fine tune it so that we can go to Beta and release it to the public.

I am very excited that we are headed into the future with a vision of greatness and a purpose to offer more services to our members than ever before.

12:30am Sat Morning

Just got in from a night out on the town at Blue Martini.  The woman 27, started chatting with me. She was friendly, very friendly. After a RedBlue and Vodka that some other guy bought for her and one that I bought for her as well, she was pretty wasted. It was all hugs and affection from that moment that the martini kicked in till the time she threw her guts up in the hallway in front of the ladies room.  I am home alone and loving it. 

A joke comes to mind from my days working on the road with bands – What is the difference between a Roadie and a pig? A pig won’t stay up all night trying to fuck a roadie. 

My how I have matured.

Friday, 9:07 PM

I was watching TiVo and CNN and Brian Tong did a “How To” on Mobile Phone blogging, I was particularly interested in the iPhone apps and of course WordPress has an app that supports the iPhone. I downloaded it on the spot and found that I need to start an account, so here I am, and so I am addicted.

Tonight I refuse to stay in the house all by myself, when the whole town of Las Vegas is celebrating the death of Jesus. I think I might join them and go to the Rockabilly event over at The Orleans.