30 Dec 2018 -Jan Landy Journal Entry from Bangkok

Another in my life series of vlogging, as I went to meet a friend for lunch on Soi 5. A one minute video of my the walk on the streets of Bangkok from Soi 11 and what I saw on the way.

In this video I am trying something new, I have added a video box in the bottom right hand corner of me, narrating what you are seeing on the screen. I would love to get your comments.

My trip to The Golden Mount Temple 23 December 2018

Looking for places to sell Sound, Lights, Staging, and Video there is no place that I won’t go.

I’ve taken some photos and I’ve decided that rather than post the photos I would make a video collage of them

How did I forget?

I’m a buzz, abounded, surrounded, and obsessed by social media. YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Anchor, iTunes, …… I do an almost daily podcast and vlog not to mention journeling on my own website JAN LANDY.com

So it amazes me that I forgot to post my comings and goings here on my main squeeze. I’m gonna have to fix that.

However the funniest thing is or maybe not so funny is that I thought I was posting everything here.

Old age is a bitch, but it’s better than the alternative.

August 6, 2011: An Update On My Life

It’s really interesting to me that I just found this draft of a blog post on my webpage that I never published from August 2011. As I read it, it seemed pretty interesting to me and that things are pretty much the same. With the exception of my bookkeeper being I’ll. Now it is was finally published on 12/29/2018.

August 6, 2011: An Update On My Life

Lately my life has been only work related. I just introduced a newly designed web site and am changing the way I do business. It is like starting all over again.

Not to mention that I moved to Las Vegas in July of 2002 and all of my corporate and state liceneses and taxes all renewed in July.

If that weren’t enough, my office manager/bookkeper/assistant happened to have had her vacation planned during the week that the site was finally ready to be released to the public.  And as if fate is trying my hand, she found out that she needed to have surgery and will be out of the office a minimum of 3 weeks, but most likely 6. What that meant, is I needed to find someone else to come work for me, hire them and then train them.  I got lucky. I was able to do that and yesterday for the first time, I was able to leave the office at 7:30 pm my first under 14 hour day in 4 weeks.  This week, I am hoping that my schedule will let me enjoy some free time.

The best part of this whole process is that I love what I do and it is my company, or should I say my baby. And I feel fortunate that I am doing something that I love and I am for the most part my own boss.

Bonding at the NAMM Show 2013

Had a lot of fun at the NAMM show and ran into a ton of friends and acquaintances that I have not seen in a while.  Although there was nothing revolutionary at the show, there was a great spirit of optimism that I have not seen in a long time.  I posted my photos (not a lot) to my FaceBook page, as I post everything that I want to share with my friends and the general public.

One thing that surprised me is how many of the vendors that I do business with so many of them had a both. And in years past, I cannot remember that many vendors appearing.

I was not planning on going to NAMM this year as I was schedule to be in Asia, but my trip was cut short. So, when I knew that my plans allowed me to attend, I called my good friend and mentor Albert Siniscal. For the last past few years, Albert and I have attended NAMM to together, shared the car trip and hotel room and give us the opportunity to bond as good friends hardly ever get the chance to do any more. If nothing else, that made the trip and all over my other disappointment of cutting my Asia trip short, well worthwhile.

If hanging with Albert and walking the NAMM show wasn’t enough, I was happy to hook up with so many people that I have know for years and getting to press flesh with them.

Another highlight of this year’s NAMM show was going being invited to dinner by Matt Larson of Group One. I have known Matt for years, I’m guessing 15, but we never really got a chance to have a meal together or if we did, I can’t remember.  This meal was exceptional, Matt took about 10 people to dinner with us to an exceptional restaurant The White House in Anaheim,CA. We sat at a long table and the food delicious as it were, just kept coming along with the wine and the interesting conversation.

I am not going to mention all of the attendees, but I did sit between Albert on my left and Matt on my right and directly across from, another person that I have know for and worked with for years, Doug Kocsis, of DK Capital.  The highlight of the evening for me although there were many, including looking at Sarah McLachlan at the table in front of me (at least it was her from the consensus taken at our table), hearing all of the great stories of all the talent people at the table, was bonding with Doug and Matt.  They are both truly intelligent, super knowledgable, hard working, compassionate about their lives, and really love what it is they do. I feel fortunate that I had that moment in time to share with them and everyone else that was at dinner that night with us. Thank you Matt.

The only bummer of the entire trip, was that when I returned home, albeit, I was gelling my hands with hand sanitizer constantly and washing them with soap every chance I got, I had caught the flu.  More on to follow on this as, I have been coughing so hard, that hurt myself. ….. Stay tuned.

Why can’t we make schools as safe as Salad Dressing?

Today I was opening a bottle of salad dressing and it made me think about how the US has reacted to certain events that have taken place and the solutions to the challenges.

In order to open the “tamperproof” bottle, I had to remove the sealed plastic film that covered the cap to prevent me from opening the bottle. Then I had to screw open the cap and then remove a hermetically sealed protective cover in order to get the dressing out of the bottle.

And here is my thought, the reason for this security on the foods and medicines that manufacturers take today stems from Chicago’s 1982 Tylenol murders which were a series of poisoning deaths resulting from drug tampering.

Which leads me to this thought. If the government working with industry can prevent bad guys poisoning our food supply, why can’t they stop gun violence? #Parkland