Boedeo Bop – A Song created by Jan Landy

I have taken a few days, okay so maybe it has been a little longer than that from posting some new podcasts with my thoughts for you.  I have been thinking a lot and I am getting ready to start posting again.  

I am in Brazil and I am working on finding myself. I didn’t know that I was lost, so that makes it very easy to find myself as it is easy to find someone that is not lost. 

While you are waiting for some new pearls of wisdom from me, I offer you this song that I just created on an iPhone using an app called #ReMix.  

This was my first attempt at creating something that I could share and I would like to believe that this is worth sharing, even though it is not comedy thoughts of mine.  

Hope you enjoy it and even if you don’t I will be doing more music in the not too distant future.  

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