Time continues if you are having fun or not.

After taking a month off from work, I can safely say that time appears to pass by much more quickly when you are having fun. The reality is time is relative and it moves at the same pace no matter what you do.

Having said that, I would rather enjoy myself then not and the month that I took off, was all fun and good times.

2016-05-27 16.57.31-2

The best part of my life, is I love what I do for work and what I do for work is provide a service to people that makes their lives less complicated, saves them time, money and insures the security that they get what they pay for.

Taking the time off gave me the opportunity to look into the rearview mirror and reflect on what I have been doing and to look ahead and to see where I am heading.

2016-05-27 13.24.16

I have a lot of thoughts on both, especially where I am heading.

As I looked at the past, I can see that the road was smooth, not too bumpy and more or less straight. It has been a very comfortable ride. Looking ahead, I see more of the same for SoundBroker.com but for me, I can see my exit in the way up ahead, can’t make out the words on the sign, but I can start to see what appears to be an exit.

Someone once said, if you are not making plans for the future, then you are planning to fail. I have made plans for the future and I am still fine tuning them.

Stay tuned as you are part of my plans for my future.


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