My first experience with Uber

My first experience with Uber was a pleasure.

No reason to go into the details of the who, what, where, and when, but just from the technical aspect and the follow up. First the Follow up.

After the ride I received this email from Uber and if you read it you will see why I am posting it.


Hey Jan,

Megan here, your Las Vegas Community Manager. If you ever have any questions or troubles as you Uber around Las Vegas, feel free to reach me through our support request form.

We’d love for you to help us spread the word about Uber! Below is your custom Uber invite code. Each friend that signs up with your code will receive $15 off their first Uber ride. For each person you refer that takes a ride, we’ll add $15 in Uber credit to your account. It’s the ultimate Uber win-win, and there’s no limit to how much credit you can earn.

Promo Code **janl404ue**

Secondly the application.

I opened the app, logged in using my FaceBook account because I could not remember my password. I typed in the addresses to and from. The only reason I had to type in the from is because I was using this to pick up someone that was coming to me rather than me to them. In seconds, it calculated the rate and how long it would be before the car arrived at the pick up location.  I clicked on accept and then a map appeared showing me the location of the Uber car and the time in minutes when it would arrive.

After they picked up the passenger, the map changed and it showed me the time it would take to get to the agreed upon location.  Their mapping features are outstanding and their rates are better than taking a taxi.  I would also like to comment on the driver, he was a nice guy and he he was more than grateful when I gave him a tip (which I did not think he expected).

I cannot wait to use them again.


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