The Heat and the Humanity of it all

Hope you are staying cool this summer. It hit 114 degrees in Vegas last week and it is only July. Just imagine how hot it would have been if it wasn’t a dry heat. Fortunately for me I was working out of my place in Rio and here it is winter. How hot was it where you were?

I would really appreciate it if you would buy like your life depended on it and place multiple orders, every day this week, that way we would be so busy, we wouldn’t notice the heat. FYI: I will be back in the Vegas office on Monday, so I will feel the heat if you don’t.

Actually I will feel the heat of the Las Vegas sun whether you buy or not, but if you buy a lot, I won’t care how the weather is (but even if you don’t buy, you still must be impressed that I was able to use both whether and weather in the same sentence).