To write or not to write, Blogging is not my life.

I never realized how difficult it was to find the time and motivation to write a weekly blog.  I know that that it must be difficult, because I can’t seem to find the time or creativity to put one one out every week.   
As of this moment, or should I say when I designed the new and improved, I had a blog space and a podcast space built in.  I am so negligent in blogging that I probably have lost all my blog reading followers. To those faithful that have been waiting for my next blog, I highly recommend that you check out my Facebook page because although I don’t post everyday, I come pretty close.  Also there are my Tweeter accounts @JanLandy (personal) & @soundbroker.  
Most people that know me find me to personable enough and I find that I am always finding interesting and innovated concepts and both real world and technologically oriented which I post regularly. 

I was just reading a blog by Andy Inhatko where he mentions there is no such thing as writer’s block, there is only writing and not writing, I am going to do the best I can from here on in, to find the few minutes a day or week, to write.  Wish me luck.