How to move your Friends and Photos from Facebook & Linked In to Google+

August 11th, 2011: I have had my team working on moving my contacts and photos from FaceBook and Linked In to Google+.

As of today we have moved 2,700+ friends and all of my photos.  We have read numerous blog posts on how to do this and I would like to give credit to all of those that have gotten us to this point, but unfortunately my team forgot to make notes on where we found the info. Anyway to those that have assisted me to getting this far, I want to thank you and if you want to comment that you have assisted us, I welcome your comments.

How to transfer your Facebook photos and FaceBook & Linked In friends over to Google Plus:

For Photos:

Download the web browser Google Chrome:

Next, install the “Move your Photos” application from the Google Chrome app store:

After installation is complete, you should see a little orange icon that looks like a bus in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser. Log into Facebook, and then click this icon.

A new tab will open and you will see all of your FaceBook photos and albums listed and you can select which ones you want to transfer, before scrolling to the bottom to hit upload.

The uploading process can take quite a while depending on the number of photos you have, since it takes roughly 11 seconds per photo. I had to transfer over a thousand photos so it took several hours. However, once you click upload you do not have to do anything else, so you can continue working while it transfers and uploads in the background (just make sure to leave the tab open).

When it is completed, you will find all of your Facebook photos on your Google Plus profile, organized by album in exactly the same way you had it on Facebook.


For Friends:
Transferring your friends is best done with a Yahoo! account. If you do not have one, you can easily make one, however, you cannot use the features that you’ll need for the first 14 days (Yahoo! policy).

If this is the case, I’d suggest using a Hotmail account which will follow the same basic steps (bear in mind though that Hotmail has a limit of 1500 contacts, so if you have more than 1500 friends you’ll have to use Yahoo!).

Log into your Yahoo! mail, and click on the “Contacts” tab on the top. Near the center of the screen there is a button that says “Import Contacts.”  
Click on it, then click on the Facebook icon and enter your login information. In just a short period (over a thousand friends took just over a minute) it will import all of your Facebook friends as contacts in your Yahoo! account, with their name and e-mail they use for Facebook.

Next, login to Google Plus, and click on the “Circles” tab found to the left of the main search bar at the top.

Click on the “Find people” tab found underneath the “Circles” tab, and then click on the Yahoo! icon next to “Find friends.”

Give Google permission to access your Yahoo! contacts, and they will appear with the other profiles, above your circles, ready to be added.

At this point, simply drag your Facebook friends (who are easily identified with a purple “y” because they came from Yahoo!) into whichever circle you want, or perhaps make a new circle called “Facebook friends” and place them all there.

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